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Our company is registered through a license agreement with the customer number 48426 at the company
Landbell, Mainz and therefore fulfills the conditions under § 6 of the Packaging Ordinance. From the
01.01.2019 a new packaging law comes into effect in Germany. This law requires that every company
in Germany must be registered at the "Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister".
Our registration number is DE1967768789389.

We are also registered at the Foundation EAR with the number 19926862 and are also a member of 
the Association Vere E.V.
to fulfill the requirements of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act.
The recycling of our packaging is done by the company Landbell in Mainz as well.
We are also a member of the
European Recycling Platform (ERP) to fulfill the conditions of
the German Battery Act (BattGesetz) and are also registered in the
Battery Registration
Register of the German Ministry of environment.