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Attention: We have holidays from 01.04. until 09.04.2021!

Dear Customers,                                           

the renewed extension of the “Lock-Down” in Germany and Europe forces us to start with
the “Short-Labor” again. Therefore we will ship out goods only on Monday’s and Tuesday’s
each week, but you can contact us any time during the week by telephone and email.

Pleae note that, unfortunately, due to massive price increases on the part of our supplier
708- we are forced to adjust some of our prices.
We are sure, that are more increases to come, therefore we ask you to check the prices
when placing a new order.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay healthy.

Yours truly

Fam.Vogler and the whole team of the Joh.Vogler GmbH

P.S. Please note that we have increased our minimum order value/order to € 200.00.