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ATTENTION: Please note, that we will have holidays from 24.12.2020 until 08.01.2021.
We will restart the business on Monday, 11.01.2021.

Dear customers,

we wish you health, happiness and all the best for the new year from the bottom of our hearts!

2020 presented all of us great challenges and showed us how important solidarity and fellowship are.
Thank you for your trust.

Unfortunately we had to pass on price increases from suppliers for some items. Please note
the new purchase prices when you send us an order.
Unfortunately, we cannot rule out further price increases in the coming months.

We ask for your understanding.

Yours truly

Fam.Vogler and the whole team of the Joh.Vogler GmbH

P.S. Please note that we have increased our minimum order value/order to € 200.00.