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Dear Customers,

we are back in the company again.
This week we will work 4 days to ship out oll the orders given last week.

We hope, that we can work the following weeks 3-4 days as well.

Our new Catalog “Myths, Legends and Cultures 2020” will be ready soon with a complete “Face-Lift”.
This catalog will be completely DIGITAL. On request, we can also offer you a printed version of it,
but we would recommend to use the digital version.

The publication date is rather late this year, so we will add also all of our many new items for Autumn in this catalog as well.


Yours truly

Fam.Vogler and the whole team of the Joh.Vogler GbmH

P.S. Please note that we have increased our minimum order value/order to € 200.00.